OVERVIEW What you need to know HNW Construction Company has the experience needed to construct civil infrastructure facilities for ports and intermodal terminals. Our expertise in the design of asphalt mixes as well as the research and state of the art laboratory equipment at our North American Technical Center allows us to develop high performance […]


OVERVIEW What you need to know For several years HNW Construction Company has been building the infrastructure to support the growth of Central Las Vegas. From some of the first subdivisions and golf courses to the shopping centers and theme parks, HNW has played a key role in shaping the landscape of Las Vegas and […]


OVERVIEW What you need to know HNW Construction has been constructing Public Works projects for years serving federal, state, cities, counties and local municipality clients. With crews experienced in earthwork, drainage, underground utilities (water, sewer, reclaimed water, and underground conduit), roadway bases, paving, sidewalks, etc. HNW can deliver greenfield projects as well as upgrade/expand existing […]


OVERVIEW What you need to know As one of the heavy civil contractors and one of the largest asphalt producers in Las Vegas, HNW Construction Company has been involved in numerous airport projects throughout Las Vegas . The projects have ranged from constructing roadways/parking lots/terminal areas to taxiway and runway reconstruction. Projects on airports are […]