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As one of the heavy civil contractors and one of the largest asphalt producers in Las Vegas, HNW Construction Company has been involved in numerous airport projects throughout Las Vegas . The projects have ranged from constructing roadways/parking lots/terminal areas to taxiway and runway reconstruction.

Projects on airports are typically time sensitive with limited windows in which to perform the work. HNW’s experience has given us the knowledge to successfully coordinate with airport safety and operations staff to complete the required work with little to no impact on operations, while meeting deadlines and owner expectations.


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Projects in the field

Walt Disney World

HNW Construction Company has been a major contractor for the world’s most popular amusement / theme park complex. Since the beginning, HNW has helped make Walt Disney world what it is today, starting with the excavation of Bay Lake and doing the sitework and foundations for the Walt Disney monorail.

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Walt Disney World

Orlando international airport bp-352 rehab of taxiways e & f

Quality Control and Quality Assurance are of critical importance to a successful and long lasting final product.

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Orlando international airport bp-352 rehab of taxiways e & f